The project Empower! Collective LGBTQ+ Diary seeks to build a pace to transform heteronormative structures and narratives and where LGBTQ+ stories are the protagonists.

To do so we wish to create a collective, safe space in which to discuss two main topics: the social and individual barriers we have encountered in an heteronormative society and the resources that have been developed to transform those barriers.


This workshop will help us collectively to build our life stories and empower us to create a bank of educational resources and teaching materials to be used to talk about affective and sexual diversity in secondary schools.


At the same time, Empower! Collective LGBTQ+ Diary will also engage in taking forward some research  for University Jaume I (Spain) to study  the impact of this participatory workshops in a specific community with special emphasis on the learning produced in the space. 



  • Highlight discourses produced outside of heteronormative experiences and the patriarchal system.

  • Create a space of trust where we can share and reflect on individual and collective histories

  • Recognize our stories as a symbol of courage, development and learning

  • Create a resource bank to work with emotional intimacy and sexual diversity in high schools

  • Analyze the impact of life histories methodology in empowering communities throughout this learning process.

Who should attend

The project is aimed at anyone who is considered LGBTQ+

What would you get from this

  • A good time in a safe space with others LGBTIQ+

  • Expand your resources when dealing with difficult situations

  • Becoming aware of  barriers of exclusion and  transformation strategies

  • Contributing to making visible  LGBTIQ+ stories in an heteronormative society

  •  Valuate our life stories both individually and collectively.


We promise to provide a space of safety and trust, where we observe three basic principles: confidentiality, mutual respect and sincere communication.


The workshop consists of three sessions of two hours each, which will be held on Friday 14th, 21rst and 28th of October from 6pm to 8 pm.


At Room G4, Grand Parade Campus, University of Brighton 

If you have any question or suggestion we would love to hear it, and if you are interested in participate, please write us an email to:

Or fill out the form: 



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